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Helping you Get Active, Get Connected and Get Involved to create your MSUM Experience. Comstock photoWe’re excited to provide a spark for Dragon Pride at MSUM. Follow @MSUMStudentLife on Twitter and connect with DragonCentral – your sources for MSUM event and activities information!


Mission: The Student Union and Activities builds community to advance student success and spark Dragon Pride.

About the Student Union and Activities: Are you looking for somewhere to get connected and involved? You’ve come to the right place. The Comstock Memorial Union at Minnesota State University Moorhead is more than a place to hold meetings or grab a bite to eat or attend events. It’s great for all of those things, but your student union is so much more. It’s a place where you get to be more than a student—you can be a writer, a leader, an activist, an employee, an artist, and more. You can connect with other students who share your ideas, passions and goals through organizations and programs. Plus, you can connect with staff members who will challenge and support you along the way.

The Comstock Memorial Union is more than a building. You’re so much more than a student. See how you can Get Active, Get Connected and Get Involved!

Brief History:
From the very beginning, students were instrumental in creating a student center for Minnesota State University Moorhead. Students in the mid-1950s began making concerted fund-raising efforts to build a space that could serve as the “living room” of the campus. In 1961, MSUM students began paying a $5 fee per academic quarter for the student union, however construction on the CMU did not start until April of 1966. In other words, even though the CMU would not be built by the time many of the students voting for a fee increase had graduated, students thought having a union was important enough for future generations of Minnesota State University Moorhead students and decided to help fund the CMU. The CMU’s doors opened on April 24th, 1967, and the building was dedicated by President John Neumaier on February 14, 1968.

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