Since we can pretty safely assume you don’t have x-ray vision to see behind the construction walls in the student union, let us give you a peek at what’s happening! The major progress made this week has been getting the sheet rock in place.

We’re Making Progress

We’re making progress on the new C-Store! Yes, indeed, there has been a lot happening behind the walls in the student union with the funny half pink door. In the last two weeks, the contractors have finished off the electrical, put in the major duct work, and nearly finished framing up the new walls! The…
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What’s Happening Behind Those Walls

You may have noticed that there are some extra walls up in the CMU these days–that’s because construction on the C-Store has begun! We’re excited to have Diversified Contractors, Inc. at the helm of the project. The first step in the construction project, according to Interim Director Layne Anderson, is demolition. The contractor has completed…
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Welcoming Visitors To Campus – Visit Day

It’s the best part of the fall – Visit Days! On October 17,18 and 19 MSUM will be welcoming hundred of potential new Dragons to campus. Our Dragon Ambassadors and Admissions Office will show them around campus and let them know just how awesome it is to be a Dragon! Visit Days means that the…
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It’s Coming…Homecoming, That Is!

The best week of the year is almost here! Of course we’re talking about Dragon Homecoming. The Homecoming Co-coordinators Neo Thurston and Darla Hedstrom have been planning a full week of festivities for Dragons of all ages, along with the help of many other staff and students across campus, because as we all know, “Once…
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