Meet Kyle – He’s Got #DragonPride

At MSUM, so many students have Dragon Pride–but there are a few that stand out above the rest! Meet Kyle Sarpong. He works at the Info Desk in the student union and always has a smile on his face! He also won the Residence Hall Association’s (RHA) award for the Most Dragon Pride in the Extreme Home Makeover-Res Hall Edition Competition.

We asked Kyle a few questions about MSUM and his Dragon Pride. Here’s what he had to say.

What made you choose MSUM? I applied to many schools and I was really excited about the Tri-College program that MSUM is part of with NDSU and Concordia. I knew I could get connected with activities like marching band, plus it was close to home and I received a scholarship. So I say, why not, let’s be a Dragon!

What’s your favorite way to show your Dragon Pride? I love going to Dragon Athletics events and being part of the action. I scream my head off cheering and give 100% to be part of the crowd. I even bought red and black overalls to show off my Dragon Pride! 

What do you love about MSUM? I really appreciate the community at MSUM. It’s small enough where I feel like I know a lot of people and still big enough that I get to meet new people all the time. I also really like that I can get to know my professors and they know me.

If you could spend a day with Scorch, what would you do? I would have him come everywhere with me–to all my classes, to Kise, to my residence hall. Then I’d want to play him one-on-one in basketball at the Wellness Center. We’d end the day by going to a Dragon Basketball game!

So next time you stop by the Info Desk and see Kyle working, be sure to say “Go Dragons!”