P Is For Progress!

Progress continues in the new C-Store space–please excuse the noise in the Main Lounge during this week. We promise it will all be worth it, and we’re excited to let you know that construction is on-track for the C-Store to open in February! (Seriously, how exciting is that!? February is next month!) Soon it will be an even quicker trip to the C-Store since it will be right on the main walkway!

We don’t know about you, but we’re excited to see something besides the construction walls when we look out from the balcony. And in the very near future our dream will become a reality, because the glass store front is being installed as we speak! How does one install a glass wall you might ask? Well, let us tell you the three (seemingly) simple steps! First have a contractor put in a floor track. Second, they can finish up the track in the ceiling. These are the two key elements in holding the humongous glass panels in place. The giant glass pieces will slide into the two tracks and voila! you have a store front.









We chose a glass store front because we are working to add more light and transparency into the CMU interior. Transparency and light will be important considerations as we move forward in the major renovation. We’re excited to have the architects in for a visit in early February to begin the visioning process! If you’re interested in being part of the student group that will meet with the architects, let us know! Students are why the student union exists, so you are a key part of the renovation process. Email cmu at mnstate.edu to let us know you’re interested or stop by the Info Desk.

We can’t wait for all the changes the spring semester will bring!