New Year, New CMU!

As we all ring in the new year, it’s fun to look back at all the changes that have been happening and look ahead to those that will be coming to the student union.

As you recall, we re-carpeted the second floor of the student union over the summer in 2013. Now we’ve completed the project by carpeting the balcony! Who would have thought that a change in carpet could so dramatically change the look and feel of the student union?

Work is continuing on the C-Store’s new location even while the students are off enjoying their winter break. We are excited about the progress they’re making in the space. Here’s a peek at the color they’re adding to the space! The space will be rather “Dragon-y” with it’s red, grey and black color scheme–and we couldn’t be more thrilled to showcase our school’s colors in the space. The C-Store is coming together nicely and will be open in the spring of 2014!

All in all, some big changes happened in 2013–but just wait until you see what’s to come! We’re making history in 2014 as we begin the schematic design process for a large-scale CMU renovation! When we say large-scale we mean it. We’ll be adding about 5500 square feet to the student union–there will be so much more room for activities (and organizations, leaders, connections, meetings, events…)! Plus, we’ll be making some major changes to open up current spaces with more light and transparency. We are looking for students who want to have a voice in the changes being made–if you’re interested in giving your input, stop by the Info Desk and let us know.

To 2013, cheers! You’ve been great. To 2014, we can’t wait to see what you have in store for our students, our building, and our university.


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  1. comstockunion

    You’re correct–the official school colors are listed as red and white. However, black and grey have been unofficially added to the color palette around campus for signage

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