35 Years Serving MSUM: Karen Mehnert-Meland

If you’ve ever been in the student union at MSUM, you’ve probably seen or met Karen Mehnert-Meland. She’s full of life, wisdom and compassion, which makes her a perfect fit for a long career in student life!

Today marks exactly 35 years that Karen has been serving the students, staff and faculty at MSUM as a professional, though she’s been a Dragon longer than that. As a student, Karen was involved on-campus and employed in a variety of areas across campus. In 1978 Karen became a Hall Director in Dahl Hall. In 1986 Karen started working part-time as the Assistant Director of the student union when Kathy Allen went on sabbatical. Then in 1991, Karen became the Director of the student union. She has remained in the student union ever since, though she has played interim roles over the years, including the Interim Associate Vice President for Student Affairs for the last year.

As Karen says, “It’s the people that make coming to work every day that makes me love my job and makes everything worth it.”

35 Balloons for 35 Years of Service.

Over the last 35 years, Karen has seen many changes at MSUM, many student come and go, and has made many memories here. We can’t thank Karen enough for the 35 years she has given all of us at MSUM and look forward to continuing to serve alongside her, learning from her, and watching her invest in the lives of students and staff.  Take a moment to comment below and let Karen know you care!

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  1. trisha giddings

    Always a smile, a hello, or time for a conversation. Thank you Karen for being an influential part of my student life from 97-00 @ MSUM.

  2. Jan Jorgensen

    Karen is an amazingly talented woman with boundless energy! She gives so much to others and rarely gets the accolades she deserves. Congrats on your 35 year anniversary!

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