Training Our Student Leaders

We may have mentioned this before, but we love students–really, we do! Students are what make the student union fun and a place we all want to be. Our student leaders are an integral part of how the student union and student activities function–we’d probably fall apart without them! So this week we’ve brought all our student leaders together to do some training and start the year off right. Our theme for the week is “The Intersection of Leading and Learning,” which we think is a great representation of the student employment program where students are learning real-life skills to take with them when they graduate.

Do you know any of our student leaders?

First, there are the building managers. These six awesome students help maintain the building, do event set-ups and tear-downs, keep the building safe and secure, and are responsible for closing down the building at night. This year our building managers are Kyle Huewe, Kyle Schulte, Bikash Rai (he goes by Rai), Thaer Alomran, Jake Saurdiff, and Ben Nurmi.

Next, our service area managers help make sure the Info Desk and the Rec & Outing Center (ROC) run smoothly to serve students at MSUM. The Info Desk manager, Mike Sullivan, has taken on the role of making sure all the Info Desk attendants know all the info they need to know. Amanda Hunt is the ROC manager, so she not only keeps the equipment in working order but she also makes sure the ROC staff are trained to serve their customers.

Third is the student union’s Creative Communications Assistant Omar Reyes. Pretty much all things graphic (and awesome!) are Omar’s work. He is instrumental in advertising our services and programs to the campus. We’ve kept him busy throughout the summer and can’t wait to see his designs in the coming school year!

Then comes the Student Senate president and vice president. Kevin Struxness and Austen Farren have dived into student leader training this week with gusto! They’re ready and raring to serve the campus and apply what they’re learning to make MSUM a great place for everyone.

Next up, the Dragon Entertainment Group. Now this eight-member group is responsible for most of the programming and events that happen on campus–as they say, “We are entertainment.” Each student plays a different role in The Group.

  • Executive Director                           Briana Schepper
  • Marketing Coordinator                  Katherine Beneby
  • Showcase Coordinator                  Holly Hoeschen
  • Speakers Coordinator                    Mike Lauer
  • Music Coordinator                           Wes Kramer
  • Outreach Coordinator                    Kelsey Metz
  • Public Relations Coordinator       Logan Schrader
  • Coffeehouse Coordinator            Lindsay Eide

The sixth group of our student leaders fall into the Office of Student Activities–they play various roles to help the OSA move forward. Joe Jacobson and Loveth Adizue are the student organization specialist who help student organizations get started, get funding and continue to function according to MSUM’s guidelines. Mike Ratgen is the Volunteer and Community Service coordinator who helps connect MSUM students and organizations to the FM community. (P.S. if you’re looking for places to volunteer, call Mike!) Plus, we have Darla who is one of MSUM’s student homecoming coordinators–watch for all the awesome homecoming things the week of Sept. 23rd!

We’re having a blast this week, learning with our student leaders and getting ready for the year ahead!