Meet Louis, the 2015 Homecoming Photographer

Louis Zurn

This Homecoming season, keep your eye out for the man behind the camera lens, Louis R. Zurn! Louis is originally from Benson, MN and is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communications with an Emphasis in Digital Design and Production.

As you can probably figure out from his photo, when he’s not busy taking photographs and/or studying, Louis enjoys watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In fact, he is a self-proclaimed “super big fan”!

Louis is most looking forward to working with his peers and the campus community to create the best events possible during the 2015 Homecoming season. He shows his Dragon Pride by wearing the awesome hoodie he found in the Homecoming Office and proclaiming his love for this school!

We are excited to welcome Louis to our team and can’t wait to see the amazing events that he and the other Homecoming Coordinators are planning!

Construction Day 1

It’s here – it’s finally here! Day One for the construction for our renovation and addition project is upon us. You might be wondering, “What’s happening today?” Let us give you the inside scoop.

  • Parking lot – the east half of the metered lot is being used for construction equipment and is roped off. You can still park in the west half.
  • Outside – you might have seen a team of folks wearing bright yellow vests who are here to help prepare the temporary sidewalk that will be in place during construction as we add 3000 square feet on the southwest corner of the CMU.
  • ROC – the snooker table and two of the pool tables have left the building. Not to worry, there are still pool tables in the ROC for you to use!
  • Second Floor – because CMU 227 will become a lounge and pre-function space overlooking the addition when the renovation is complete, we have removed the carpet and re-purposed it by carpeting CMU 216 and 212.

We are doing what we can to minimize the impact as the spring semester wraps up – the reality of construction is that there will be some disturbances and we appreciate your understanding. If you have concerns, connect with us in person or email cmu @ to set up a time to visit.

As a reminder of upcoming changes:

  • May 5 – the Info Desk will close at 7:30pm and will not reopen. If you have questions or need assistance, the Student Union & Activities staff members can help – all you need to do is ask!
  • May 6 – in the ROC, all games will be free!
  • May 6 – the Student Union Administration Office will be closed to move to a temporary location in CMU 214 and 216
  • May 7 – Administration Office temporary location will be open
  • May 13 – the ROC will close at 5pm and will not reopen
  • May 18 – Summer hours begin and will be 7:30am-4:30pm. The only access point into the public spaces of the CMU will be through the NW entrance

IMG_3543 Comstock Memorial Union Construction Day 1IMG_3538

Congratulations Dragon Pride Award Winners

The Annual Dragon Pride Awards are an extraordinary showcase of our talented, committed Dragons who make MSUM the incredible place that it is. Each year, several nominations are submitted in each category, and the Student Organization Advisory Committee (SOAC) spends time reading through each nomination to determine the award winners. Let’s just say, it’s no easy task with the number of amazing students, organizations, and programs!

During the Annual Dragon Pride Awards Ceremony, the nominees are honored and winners announced. If you’ve never attended, we recommend putting it on your calendar for next year because it will make your heart swell with Dragon Pride! Without further ado, we present a list of this year’s winners:

  • Rookie of the Year: Austin Sweeny, Kappa Sigma.
  • Student Leader of the Year: Alayna Holkesvig, KMSC Dragon Radio.
  • Organization Advisor of the Year:Shane Kelly, advisor for Kappa Sigma.
  • Organization Officer of the Year: Brady Kauk, Kappa Sigma.
  • Student Volunteer of the Year:Jake Humphrey who volunteered regularly with AfterDark.
  • Dragon Pride Student of the Year: Andy Smith, Gamma Phi Beta.
  • Outstanding Philanthropy Program of the Year: Dragon Entertainment Group’s event “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes.”
  • Outstanding Collaborative Program of the Year: AfterDark’s ” Science Night” in collaboration with several student organizations.
  • Outstanding Educational Program of the Year:  “Microsoft Tour” coordinated  by the Economic Society.
  • Outstanding Diversity/Cultural Awareness Program of the Year: America Indian Student Association event “Native American Heritage Month.”
  • The Outstanding New Organization of the Year: Kawa Tatsu Yosakoi Dance (KTYD).
  • Dragon Pride Organization of the Year: MSUM Rock Climbing Club.
  • Organization of the Year: Society of Physics Students.

Congratulations to all our winners and all those nominated!

What you need to know before construction begins

CMU SW Entrance and Addition Rendering

An artist’s rendering of the new entrance and addition on the SW corner of the Comstock Memorial Union

Have we mentioned just how excited we are for construction to begin? So excited!

As we get ready to move into the construction phase of our project, you’ll notice some changes in and around your student union. Of course, we’ll do our best to keep you informed and have signage up around the building. Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening in the next few weeks:

  • On April 28-29, International Student Services will move into their new space in CMU 114 and share the office suite with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
  • On May 6, the Student Union Administration Office will be closed as they move into temporary space in CMU 214 and 216. The office will be open in the temporary location May 7 and ready to continue serving our campus.
  • May 5 will be the last day the Info Desk is open. After May 5, we will no longer sell stamps, envelopes or discounted movie tickets. Equipment and reservation assistance will be provided by the Student Union Administration Office.
  • From May 6-13, all games in the Recreation & Outing Center (ROC) will be free! The ROC will then close on May 13 at 5pm. We will continue to have gaming and computers available in the space through May 13, though you may see some of the equipment being removed during that time. This decision was made with the input of the Comstock Union Committee (a student committee that provides governance to your student union) and will help us get construction moving by May 18.
  • For the summer, the Comstock Memorial Union meeting rooms, food services, and other services will be unavailable due to construction. Offices will remain open and operational to serve our campus community, and we will have signage to help you navigate through the building because some entrances and hallways will be blocked off.
  • Parking lot – on May 4, the construction managers will begin installing a construction fence and as such, the East half of the metered lot will be unavailable during construction. No worries, you’ll get all the parking spaces back when construction is done!
7.Main Lounge (1280x667)

The back wall of the Main Lounge is being taken out so that the building will feel more open. This rendering is as if you’re standing in front of Subs ‘n’ Sweets

We’re thrilled to be transforming your student union to better serve you!

Change to Vendor Tables in the CMU Main Lounge

As we prep for the renovation to begin (remember, May 4 is the big day!), we will be moving the tables that currently serve as the Vendor Tables in the Main Lounge. Not to worry, you’ll still be able to reserve a table and use it to talk with other Dragons about your events and organizations, the tables simply won’t be sitting out all the time as they have previously.

To use a table for connecting with people in the Main Lounge, you will need to make a reservation for a table. Ways to reserve:

  • Call 218-477-2261 and talk to one of our schedulers
  • Stop by the Info Desk (CMU 115) between 9am and 7:30pm and complete a request form
  • Use Virtual EMS to reserve the date and time you want to have a table

Groups with reservations will be provided with a 6-foot long table. The tables will be placed in the same location as before. If you have questions about these changes, please contact the Student Union & Activities Administration Office via email CMU @

Renovation Update – New & Temporary Locations

An artist's rendering of views of the new addition. Top picture is looking at the addition as if you were standing near the North Library Doors. The bottom pictures is looking at the addition as if you were approaching the Kise Doors.

An artist’s rendering of views of the new addition. Top picture is looking at the addition as if you were standing near the North Library Doors. The bottom pictures is looking at the addition as if you were approaching the Kise Doors.

The start of construction – May 4 – is getting closer and closer, which makes us more excited every day to begin the next phase of our renovation! We’ve been making plans to move some offices to new locations and to identify temporary locations for other offices and services in the student union. Our goal is to minimize the impact to our campus community during the academic year.

As part of the renovation, International Student Services will move permanently to CMU 116 to share a suite with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. We anticipate the move will occur late in April so that they can get settled into their new space.

Additionally, the Student Union Administration Office will move to a temporary location in CMU 214 and 216 for the summer months. We plan to make the move to our temporary location in early May. We anticipate being into our new office space, CMU 222, by the end of September so that 214 and 216 can return to meeting room space. If you need to make room reservations, our Administration Office is still the place to come!

Another aspect of the student new that is getting a temporary home will be recreation. We have plans to make some changes to the current Union City Seating Area to include pools tables, games, a shuffle board, computers, a TV Lounge, and additional lounge seating. When students arrive for the Fall 2015 semester, the seating area will look much different than it does now! We believe this recreation space will provide the components of the ROC that everyone loves a home while we’re under construction.

We’re looking forward to what the future has in store for your student union – and it all begins on May 4! Remember that this will mean the SW doors (those closest to the Library) will be closed and that part of the parking lot will be used as equipment and material staging space. Don’t worry – we’ll have signage up to remind you of the construction as well as the temporary or new locations for offices and services in  your student union.

A Spark

If you’ve never met Rai, you’re missing out.

The SparkHe’s not only an incredible building manager in the student union – he was voted Student Leader of the Year by his co-workers last spring – he’s also an amazing designer and artist! You might have seen some of his work on the bulletin boards around campus last year promoting ODI events and programs.

Or maybe you’ve been in Layne’s office and seen his original painting, “The Spark.”

Or perhaps you’ve seen his art around Fargo-Moorhead, like the collection he had up at the Spirit Room.

Just when we thought Rai couldn’t get any more awesome, he created this video.

Go be a spark of kindness!

Thanks, Rai, for being a spark of kindness and creativity in the Student Union & Activities.

Whitney & Antoniea – Help with a Smile!

Whitney and Antoniea-

These girls have helped me out with several of my Friday shifts this semester that I have needed off for various reasons. They are ALWAYS so helpful and willing to help me out while doing it with a smile on their face! I couldn’t thank them enough for it! :)





Moorhead Mall Madness!

SaveDateBe excited.

The Dragons have teamed up with the Moorhead Center Mall to bring you an outrageous night of fun, games, activities, prizes, food and shopping. You could even win free pizza for a year! (Yep, you heard that right!) Plus, we have tons of other prizes you can win!

What’s happening during Moorhead Mall Madness:

  • Activities
    • Bingo
    • Scooter races
    • Giant Jenga
    • Bean Bags
    • Hoops
  • DIY Projects
  • Food Specials – first 150 students get a $5 Food Voucher to spend
    • Vic’s – $3.49 Burger Baskets & half price apps
    • Thai Orchid – free samples & special menu for Dragons with items under $10
  • Shopping
    • Herberger’s – Free mini makeovers from Clinique Cosmetics; Free Goodwill Coupon; Free gift if you open a Herberger’s Credit Card
    • Merle Norman – 50% off ear piercing
    • MISS Boutique – 20% off any red item (Go Dragons!)
    • The Classic – 25% one full price item
    • Mane Impressions – $5 chair massages and 50% off haircuts
    • Centre for Hair & Wellness – 50% off any cut/color or 50% off a Mani/Pedi

Plus we’ll have MSUM students there to provide live music, caricatures, and an art display.

Need a ride to the Moorhead Center Mall? Shuttles will start at 6:15 and run continuously throughout the event. On-campus pick up will be in the loop outside Grantham.

You won’t want to miss Moorhead Mall Madness!



Ashley – Ready to Help with Any Project

AshleyTo Ashley –

Thanks for always being willing to help with projects in the office! You ask great questions and make sure that you understand even my craziest ideas (like making giant sprinkles for the Sweet Social!) so that you can execute the task well. I appreciate your positive attitude, which is something I know our guests appreciate too! Keep up the outstanding work at the Info Desk :)

From Annie