In case you haven’t heard…

The CMU is undergoing an EXTREME MAKEOVER! There has been lots of progress made in the last month and it’s only going to get better! Take a look at some of the latest updates and tweet at us @MSUM_CMU what you’re most excited to see happen to the building! #ExtremeMakeoverCMUEdition


New silver and gray panels on the outside of the new CMU entrance


Large windows will line the whole side of the addition


Natural light looks beautiful coming in through these new windows


There will also be sunlight coming into the current main lounge with the help of this feature: skylights!

African Student Union: Ridding Stereotypes and Sharing Culture

When you go to a school like MSUM you just have to take a short walk through our student union to realize the diversity of our students, and how passionate they are about sharing their culture with the whole student body. A great example of this pride is in the students of the African Student Union. As I sat down with members of ASU I learned that this is an organization that represents way more than it seems on the surface.


Jambara- Current President of ASU


Jamaal- Current Head of Public Relations for ASU

Jambara Adelaide-Sayea, the current president of ASU, described African Student Union as a social service organization, focused on serving the African population at MSUM.

“We want to make students feel at home and like they’re part of a community.”

Other goals of the group include; Giving back to the community, addressing issues that the African population face, ridding stereotypes, and sharing their culture with peers at MSUM. I also spoke to Jamaal Abegaz, a transfer student who found it very easy to get involved as a Dragon, in addition to several other extra-curricular activities Jamaal is in charge of public relations for ASU! Jamaal told me that MSUM can look forward to many events put on by ASU. Things like a book drive with United Way, and a collaborative event during Black History Month.IMG_20151107_185126_014


And of course we chatted about African Night, ASUs largest annual event! It was a blast to see the group in action, the students put on a beautiful evening filled with speakers, song, dance, and CELEBRATION! The night was a great success and the pictures below don’t even do it justice!

Diversity Dance Crew takes the stage

Spoken word poetry was performed


Guest speaker- Vanessa Young

A fashion show to end the night!!

Say Hello to Payton!

Today we want you to meet Payton, Payton R. Nelson to be exact! This year Payton will be a part of the Homecoming Committee as the Outreach Coordinator. Originally from Kindred, North Dakota, Payton came to MSUM to study Communications and she picked up a minor in Leadership Studies as well.

Payton loves being a Dragon, her favorite way to show off her Dragon Pride is simply by telling people about all the great things happening here! She loves to talk to anyone who Payton Nelsonwants to join in with her in generating an exciting Dragon Pride atmosphere! We’ll plan on seeing a lot more from Payton in her position; she’s most excited for the chance to collaborate with different people and making the environment of Homecoming Committee fun and creative.

Be sure to say hello to Payton next time you see her, and maybe ask her to touch her tongue to her nose! Rumor has it, this is a secret talent!

Can’t wait to see what you’ll do this year Payton! Welcome to the CMU family!!!

They Bring the Diversity


The ODI is located in CMU 114

Located in the lower level of the CMU is a special group of students who work everyday to spotlight the diversity of our campus. This is their passion, and I think its about time to give some kudos to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for all they do.

I had the pleasure of getting to sit down with two of the ODIs student programmers; Alondra Sarai and Preston Prince. Both are brand new to the ODI but are at very different places in their college career.

Alondra is a freshmen and decided she wanted to get even more involved with the ODI after her experience with the smart start program. Originally for the small town of Oslo, Minnesota, Alondra says that when you come for a small town you’re not exposed to much diversity and that she really appreciates the diversity that MSUM has to offer. Alondra is really just eager learn and grow from this position.

Opposite of his young co-worker, Preston is a senior, graduating in May, who says he wishes he wouldn’t have waited this long to get involved. As a member of the football team Preston always thought he was too busy for other commitments or activities but this year he decided he wouldn’t let that hold him back! In fact he’s hoping that his position with the ODI can help “bridge the gap” that he feels is sometimes between athletics and the rest of student life.

Fall 2015 Calendar of Events

Click here for a detailed events list!

Both of the student programmers informed me of several events coming up! Things like “Minnecanos” a production put on by Mixed Blood Theathre and a StrenghtsQuest Workshop in October. Then in November there will be an open mic night and a large Thanksgiving dinner! There’s even talk of a monthly newsletter being put together so keep an eye out for that!

“The Office of Diversity strives to be a supportive umbrella to all cultural movements and growths, and help each student of any background to be comfortable with their identity in order to become and give the best of themselves.”

 This is the mission of the ODI, to make you feel comfortable so if you wanna get involved both Alondra and Preston say, “Don’t be afraid to stop by!” and “Go for it!” sound like an open invitation to me! So next time you pass by CMU 114 walk on in and say HI! You’ll be glad you did :)



Student Orgs. Galore!


IMG_4764DragonFest has come and gone and it was a whirlwind of food, music, prizes, activities, community businesses, and of course several STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS!

DragonFest is like the sequel to our annual Sidewalk Cafe, Student Organizations are still trying to get the word about what they do and when they meet and DragonFest is geared to do just that! Walking around you can get information from just about any organization you can imagine. This post will feature just a few that I personally found interesting but please hear me when I say this is just a fraction of the opportunities!

Feeling like you wanna get ACTIVE? Two groups to put on the top of your list should be Intramurals and the Dragon Rock Climbing Club

Intr+RockMaybe you feel like you need to practice public speaking skills, these are the people to get involved with! Collegiate DECA and Communicators in Action

DECA+CIAIf that’s not up your alley but you still wanna meet people, MSUM fortunately has a very diverse crowd! Check out Japan Club or Spanish Club in order to learn about a new culture or practice language skills!!


And maybe you’re a student already dedicated to you specific program, well you’re in luck, there’s usually a club for your major!! Like Psyc. Club, Bio-sciences Club, and Student Council for Exceptional Children.  All are great and would add to a resume!

Clubs4MajorNow I know I just through a ton of options at you and that didn’t even include our Greek life or faith based organizations or leadership experience opportunities!! To get a full list of organizations and information on how to get involved you can check out the OSA website! And remember, whatever you choose is WONDERFUL as long as you’re getting active, connected, and involved!

The day Dragons went YELLOW

IMG_4726September 10th was World Suicide Awareness Day and to show support students were asked to wear the color yellow.

The results were personally moving, as I walked around campus pops of yellow stuck out like a sign of hope for those who can relate to this issue in an all too real way.


3 ladies who shared with me their personal stories about suicide

This was the 3rd year MSUM has shown their support on this day, campus wide. The Wellness Educators organize the day by putting out signs to remind students to wear yellow and if you happen to forget they set up tables with yellow wristbands so you can still show your support! IMG_4733

The tables also featured suicide statistics and some takeaway information if you knew someone in need of help. The overall goal was to simply shed some light on a typically dark issue!

All things said and done, you did a good job going yellow Dragons, but don’t forget, this isn’t just a one day issue! Don’t be afraid to talk to someone, this is a Dragon FAMILY after all :)

Leadership; JUST DO IT!

d-it-2“MSUM will continue to foster an environment that encourages students to become versatile, thoughtful, innovative, and engaged leaders who contribute to their professions and their communities.”

This is a section of the vision statement of  MSUM, basically Dragons = Leaders

Now you might be thinking to yourself; nope, not me, I’m not a leader. Well before you close out this window I want to remind you that we here at MSUM we believe that leadership as a journey that everyone is on, and it looks differently for every individual, but you have the potential to be a great leader!

So I bet you’re asking yourself– “Ok, how do I become this “great leader”, where do I get started?” GREAT QUESTION!

Emerging Leaders is a free leadership development program available to all students. Each group meets once a week for one hour for eight weeks. It aims to help MSUM students develop the leadership skills they will need to become active and engaged members of MSUM and the community. The program is based on the Social Change Model which is a widely used leadership theory that emphasizes how individual, group, and societal values work together to create change. emerginleaders

Get more info and registrar here:


If you have already started your leadership journey but you want to continue to grow, The DLP might be your next step!

The Dragon Leadership Program (DLP) provides practical and relevant opportunities for you to develop leadership skills both in and out of the classroom. The DLP will showcase all the ways you can participate in skill development to complement your academic coursework. The opportunities highlighted in the DLP show deliberate and meaningful collaborations among campus departments working together to actively engage you as a leader. This powerful skill set will increase your marketability and professional readiness so that when you graduate, you are an attractive candidate to employers.

Look more in to DLP here:

The registration deadline (Sept. 18th) is coming up quickly for both these amazing opportunities, don’t waste another second to advance your leadership skills! Sign up now Dragons, JUST DO IT!!

Check out Yewande!

The Group has some pretty cool people working for them, one of those people is Yewande Opeoluwa-Adenike Osunsanya, But you can call her Yewande! Originally from Lekki-Lagos, Nigeria in West Africa, Yewande is a Biology major here at MSUM, with an emphasis in Health and Medical Services.

If you’re getting to know Yewande be sure to ask her about her travels, traveling is something this girl loves, especially when she can meet new people along the way!Yewande Osunsanya

Yewande will be the Outreach Coordinator for the Dragon Entertainment Group this year and she’s most excited to start planning some awesome events and working together with all the other Group members!

We’re pumped to have you Yewande, hope your year is full of #DragonPride

Workin’ for the Weekend

Weekend. One of the sweetest words to the college students ears.

Week one of class is complete, and that fact alone deserves celebration;

hopefully you don’t have too much homework yet so you’ll be able to make it to some of the awesome things happening on campus and in the community the next few days!

Now if you’re like any other MSUM student, you are BUSY, and I want to help you prioritize and plan your weekend, so here’s my breakdown….. take it or leave it :)



As soon as you get out of that one class maybe take a nap because your night will be jam packed! From 6-8pm grab some friends and head over to Moorhead Center Mall for Moorhead Mall Mania! There will be so many deals and great giveaways, you won’t want to miss a minute of it!!MoorheadCenterMall_logo

PLUS: Bingo, live music, and yours truly will be in a fashion show!



The fun doesn’t stop there, after the mall you can head back to campus for AfterDark from 9-11pm out on the Campus Mall. The night should be pretty laid back with live music, bonfires, and….. wait for it, S’MORES!



Everyone loves breakfast and dinner right, how about putting them together for brinner? REVOLUTIONARY! Come and get it from 9-11pm in Kise at the Dragon Breakfast Blast!! On the menu is scrambled eggs, french toast sticks, sticky rolls and more!! Don’t miss out, Dragons gotta eat!CNgazqhU8AUiKPm


And finally… Sunday:

If you’ve never been to StreetsAlive! you’re in for a treat, Downtown Fargo streets get blocked off and it becomes a place for bikes and roller blades! You better not miss your chance because this is the last time till next summer! Be sure to stop by, noon-5pm on Sunday!

Click here for more information on StreetsAlive!

There you have it Dragons, have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!


Welcome Week Success!!

Think back to your first week at MSUM, or even the first day of a new semester? What are some of the words or thoughts that come to mind?






Well don’t worry, you’re not alone! This past Wednesday the incoming class of new Dragons moved in to begin the school year and a new chapter of their lives: College at MSUM! And we wanted to make them feel as welcomed as possible, so the whole rest of the week was planned out just for them!IMG_20150821_084536_187

The week involved:

  • time with your SOC group
  • a social at Scheels Field
  • a Convocation Ceremony,
  • the first AfterDark of the year
  • the annual Sidewalk Cafe
  • the Campus Capers show
  • and much MUCH more

A random dance party broke out at AfterDark


Tug-of-War at the Scheels Field Social


New Dragons: Akira, Emily, Marisa, and Carson

I had the privilege of meeting several members of the incoming class and to sum it up, the new students are looking at MSUM as a new opportunity to be an involved student, a fresh start, and overall, many expressed feelings of excitement about meeting new people and starting classes…. maybe some nervousness too :)


The week ended with the lighting of the Dragon, an amazing sight to see and the perfect way to mark the beginning of a new academic year!DragonFlame

That’s a wrap on Welcome Week, the semester has officially begun!! There will be a lot of opportunities coming up to get active, get connected, and get involved so be on the look out Dragons! Lets make this semester one to remember!