Moving Forward….

Our #ExtremeMakoverCMUEdition has moved in to an exciting phase; we can actually see the spaces coming together and you can feel the excitement in the building for everything to get final touches!

LowerLoungeThe lower lounge will feature a fireplace, lounge furniture, TVs, and whiteboards. The perfect space for hanging out and being creative with friends!OverlookLounge

The overlook lounge is on the second floor and it is a large space for students to study or just relax! It also will have a stair case that leads down to the sun-lounge.

13063956_10209713604462609_1499171377_oThis is the hall that leads to the sun-lounge! A large addition to the union. This space will feature a second fireplace and a small stage for acoustic student performances! This will be a great spot for hanging out in the sun between classes!!

The renovation is moving forward at full speed. New furniture will be arriving soon and the main lounge will be officially offline the first week in May for new carpet! A big CMU thank you for you patience and stay tuned for more!!

Spring has Sprung!

The snow has melted and students have busted out their shorts; it’s officially SPRING!! And with spring comes lots of fun events for Fargo/Moorhead especially since we can start stepping outside without fear of frostbite! Below are some events worthy of marking on your calendar. Enjoy your spring Dragons and finish the semester strong!!

DragonBaseballDragon Baseball Games! Cheer on your Dragons this spring, home games are April 11th, 21st, 23rd, 24th, 30th and May 1st and 6th! You can follow their standings online at



The Student Academic Conference on April 12th is a great time to see research projects that your fellow peers have put together. Many students have worked all year on these projects! All classes are cancelled so you can check it out!Sac


Rourke After Dark! The Rourke Art Museum is having their annual college night on April 15th from 7-9pm. College students are invited to come enjoy an evening of great art, music, and short lectures. Refreshments of Sandy’s Donuts, hot cocoa and coffee bar, and s’mores will be available. This is a FREE event!



A Bike Ride With Anne! This event needs no explanation. On April 24th take a bike ride with our President Anne Blackhurst and Concordia’s President Craft and it will be AWESOME! Be there at 2:30 at the main gates of MSUM

Commencement! Come see your friends and fellow Dragons walk across the stage and graduate! This is a joyous day celebrating all the hard work these students put in to get to this day. Bring your smart phones fully charged because this is a time for tweets and selfies! There will be 2 ceremonies at 10:00am and 2:00pm on Friday, May 13th. So cross your fingers that no grads trip!!graduation_0

The Fargo Marathon on May 19th-21st is an event for all levels of runners! Anyone who wants to can participate in either the 5k, 10k, half, and full-marathon. Participants will run through all 3 college campuses so be there to cheer on your favorite runners, including many MSUM faculty!fargo-marathon-logo


Behind the plastic…

If you’ve walked through the CMU lately you might see something that looks like this…

PlasticConstruction CollageThe CMU is moving into the next construction phase and this involves taking away temporary walls and preparing the spaces behind them to be ready for student use. Now if you’re like me, you’re curious about what’s actually behind the plastic. Students are not allowed in construction zones, but the Student Senate did get lucky enough to join in on a walk through with the CMU professional staff.

IMG_5019Here are some exclusive, behind the scene pics of the CMU renovation!

WalkThrough1CollageIMG_5015Next steps include new paint, lights, and furniture!! The plastic will come down eventually but for now feel free to just look through it and imagine how everything will look when the project is complete! As always a big CMU thank you for your cooperation, we are so excited about the progress of the #ExtremeMakeoverCMUEdition

Dragons Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Walking a mile. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

How ’bout in high heels? Now that’s a different story…

Well that’s exactly what MSUM students did this past Sunday afternoon for the 6th annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event held in the CMU. This years event brought together over 100 participants including all 3 chapters of MSUM Greek life represented! The idea is not just to endure painful blisters but to raise awareness and be a voice to end sexual assault and violence. When asked why they walk students spoke about the feeling of community and support that is grown at this event. A male walker passionately chimed in that awareness is his reason for walking, and that…

“sexual violence is not okay, and we need to express that”

The afternoon started and men and women had to make the hard choice, which pair of heels do I wear??WalkAMileShoeCollageThere was a short presentation to remind everyone of the cause they were walking for. During this time I spoke with sponsors of the event. Women from Someplace Safe and The Rape and Abuse Crisis Center. Both organizations have been involved from the beginning and agree that this event is a fun way to get everyone aware and involved, including men!

“There’s an excitement and buzz around this specific event and it’s a fun way to bring a very serious issue in to the light.”

Then it was time to walk!! IMG_20160228_153102260

And walk they did, or in some cases run! a few participants ran all 14 laps. The event was a total success, despite sore feet for the rest of the afternoon these students sent a message across campus; sexual violence will not be tolerated here.

Hopefully this is a message that carries on past pinched toes and an event that continues for a very long time!


Let There Be (natural) Light!



As we move further along in the renovation process of the union it’s fun to have things revealed to us little by little. The latest project completed was the sky lights in the main lounge, located above Subs & Sweets. If you look up you’ll notice 4 square windows that let in lots of natural light! Daylight was an important priority mentioned by students that was considered when the renovation project was first started.



This isn’t the only spot where there will be large windows letting in light. The addition next to the Kise entrance will be almost all windows; just imagine all that sunshine during the spring and fall!!

So come and stop by the main lounge and soak in some sun and check out the great graphics on display so you can learn more about the #ExtremeMakoverCMUEdition12546170_10208919599052970_394366950_o

New Space, Same Friendly Faces!

IMG_4969The CMU Administration office is your go to place for the nuts and bolts of our building. From reserving a room for an organization meeting, to reclaiming your wallet at the lost and found, the Admin Office can do it all. They are the behind the scenes of the whole building and recently got a new home!


IMG_4978Everything is getting reshuffled for the renovation and this was no different for the Unions Administrative office, this past semester they were located in temporary offices that took up conference rooms. But a new semester calls for a new space. Office 222 (formally the Osa/Fyp) is now the permanent home of the Administration Office and they are happier than ever to be in a more suited space that will help them, help YOU better! Stop in and say hi but until then check out some pictures of this great new office!! IMG_4973

NSSLHA, helping Santa and making an impact!

The allusive Murray Hall… what goes on there?

Are there classes in there? Who even spends time there?


NSSLHA at the Homecoming Parade

Well its the Speech Language and Hearing Sciences program of course! SLHS is a large program on our campus and the national student organization for this program, NSSLHA, is very active at MSUM!!


Highway Cleanup!


Two NSSLHA members work the Holiday Lights booth

There’s about 50 active members and NSSLHA president, Eliza Aul, filled me in on all the different contributions these students make in the community.



The Dorthy Day House and Adopt A Highway are consistent ways NSSLHA volunteers around town. But this holiday season NSSLHA helped at Lindenwood Park by working the ticket booth for the holiday lights display that gets put up annually!

They also got to play Santas’ helpers by participating in Signing Santa at Trollwood; a program for the deaf community in Fargo Moorhead, children get to speak to Santa in their own way, using ASL!! NSSLHA helped by putting together hand decorated goodie bags for the children that would come to see Santa.


The !Signing Santa” volunteers!

Not only does NSSLHA help out locally but this year they raised $1,400 from a braided bread fundraiser that the group will donate to Operation Smile, a charity for children with cleft pallets. WOW!

Aul continued to explained to me that doing all of these things not only makes a difference in the community but really builds up the community within the major too! NSSLHA is easy to get involved in and encourages students to get active right away as a freshmen in the SLHS program! “We’re like a family” Aul stated with a smile!

NSSLHA will continue their tradition of volunteering but they also want to educate others of speech and hearing health and let their fellow Dragons know that the SLHS program is more than meets the eye! You definitely showed me that NSSLHA, thanks! And stay involved!!

Kudos to AISA!!

December is in full swing and November almost seems like a distant memory! But lets not forget November was a very important month for one group on this campus: AISA, MSUMs’ American Indian Student Association celebrated and raised awareness all November long for American Indian Heritage Month!


AISA is a student organization that provides a platform for  American Indian students to put on events and build community. At MSUM there is about 70 American Indian students on campus and about 10 of them are actively involved in putting on events to bring the community together as a whole.

Brianna Bradley, president of MSUMs’ American Indian Student Association, stressed the importance of this group on campus because it helps student feel more connected to their heritage even when they are away from family that might live on a reservation.BriBradley

Bradley also headed up the majority of the events throughout the month of November. American Indian Heritage Month always starts off with an opening pipe ceremony! Bradley expressed excitement about a larger than usual attendance!! The rest of the month included events like a panel discussing offensive Halloween costumes, showings of documentaries, and of course the annual sweat lodge ceremonies that bring in several community members!

This isn’t the last you’ll hear from AISA, there is a  Tri-college Pow Wow set for April next semester! So put that in the back of your mind and I’ll be sure to remind you when the festivities are closer because you won’t want to miss out on this great cultural experience!

In case you haven’t heard…

The CMU is undergoing an EXTREME MAKEOVER! There has been lots of progress made in the last month and it’s only going to get better! Take a look at some of the latest updates and tweet at us @MSUM_CMU what you’re most excited to see happen to the building! #ExtremeMakeoverCMUEdition


New silver and gray panels on the outside of the new CMU entrance


Large windows will line the whole side of the addition


Natural light looks beautiful coming in through these new windows


There will also be sunlight coming into the current main lounge with the help of this feature: skylights!

African Student Union: Ridding Stereotypes and Sharing Culture

When you go to a school like MSUM you just have to take a short walk through our student union to realize the diversity of our students, and how passionate they are about sharing their culture with the whole student body. A great example of this pride is in the students of the African Student Union. As I sat down with members of ASU I learned that this is an organization that represents way more than it seems on the surface.


Jambara- Current President of ASU


Jamaal- Current Head of Public Relations for ASU

Jambara Adelaide-Sayea, the current president of ASU, described African Student Union as a social service organization, focused on serving the African population at MSUM.

“We want to make students feel at home and like they’re part of a community.”

Other goals of the group include; Giving back to the community, addressing issues that the African population face, ridding stereotypes, and sharing their culture with peers at MSUM. I also spoke to Jamaal Abegaz, a transfer student who found it very easy to get involved as a Dragon, in addition to several other extra-curricular activities Jamaal is in charge of public relations for ASU! Jamaal told me that MSUM can look forward to many events put on by ASU. Things like a book drive with United Way, and a collaborative event during Black History Month.IMG_20151107_185126_014


And of course we chatted about African Night, ASUs largest annual event! It was a blast to see the group in action, the students put on a beautiful evening filled with speakers, song, dance, and CELEBRATION! The night was a great success and the pictures below don’t even do it justice!

Diversity Dance Crew takes the stage

Spoken word poetry was performed


Guest speaker- Vanessa Young

A fashion show to end the night!!