Highlighting the ND Autism Center for Dragon Volunteers

How does your organization serve our community?

The ND Autism Center provides services for individuals with autism or other developmental disabilities. We provide a childcare-type program called the Day Program, behavior consultation and therapy through our Behavior Services Program, and in home support (such as an extra set of hands for parents) in our In Home Supports Program. Our mission is to help individuals affected by autism and developmental disabilities reach their full potential through excellence in care, therapy, instruction and support.

How can student’s best serve with your organization?

Dragons can  help our organization grow by volunteering to help in one of many volunteer opportunities.

Are there particular skillsets that you are looking for in your volunteers?

What we are looking for are energetic and motivated individuals who want to make a difference in people’s lives. If that describes you, come volunteer!

What specific volunteer opportunities does your organization have for MSUM students?

We have a number of volunteer opportunities that include working directly with the children, which requires certain time commitments. We also have opportunities in Communications (PR and Marketing), fundraising, special events, and administrative work. If there’s a particular area you’re interested in, let us know!

Do you have any internship opportunities for students?

Yes – stop by our table during the Volunteer & Service Fair, we’d love to talk to you about what kind of internship you’re interested in pursuing.

What do you appreciate about MSUM?

MSUM has been providing the ND Autism Center with volunteers for a few years. Volunteers’ time is precious and appreciated so we are grateful for the connection! 

Jake is Always Ready to Help

Jake -

Jake has been of great assistance during my training in period these past couple of weeks. When I had a question about a location or a table he always answered his phone ready with an answer. He has been a glowing example of the CMU community and I look forward to working with him in the future.

-Noah B.

Highlighting Cass Clay Alive for Dragon Volunteers

How does your organization serve our community?

CassClayAlive! is a healthy living initiative of Dakota Medical Foundation. Our goal is to reduce overweight and obesity rates in 2-19-year-olds in Cass and Clay counties by 20 percent by 2020. It is a collaboration of health-minded organizations that have joined to make Cass and Clay counties the healthiest place in America to raise children. Where children live, learn and play – their food and fitness environment – is one of the most important factors influencing whether they end up fit and healthy or not. This is the first generation of children expected to live shorter and sicker lives than their parents. So we’re working in schools, childcares, and other settings to help kids establish physical activity and healthy eating habits for a lifetime.

How can student’s best serve with your organization?

We have opportunities for one-time service projects for organizations plus internships, research projects, and individual volunteers.

Are there particular skillsets that you are looking for in your volunteers?

Strong communication skills, creativity, passion for health (not necessarily health background), adaptive.

What specific volunteer opportunities does your organization have for MSUM students?

  • A great opportunity for Dragons is StreetsAlive! 2015 –  happening onJune 14th, July 12th and August 30th. StreetsAlive! works to inspire people and organizations to adopt and celebrate more physically active lifestyles – to help change our culture to make active living the status quo. It’s about embracing public spaces for activity and community engagement. It’s about encouraging people to walk and bike to work or school. It’s about connecting neighborhoods and people.
  • Energ-i-ze Events – Family Fitness nights at local elementary schools – not your typical health fair. (Most Thursdays during the school year.)
  •  Join the Movement – YOU can help lead this change – get started now – make a case for healthy eating and active living! One small change can make a big difference; be that influencer who changes the status quo! YOU can Join the Movement and be a part of an informed, engaged community of wellness orientated people. YOU can make the healthy choice the easy choice where you live, work and play.
  • Snacktivism -  Join a movement to encourage people to consider children’s snacking environments and take action to make healthier options available. Eighty-five people have committed to this movement and are making healthy snacking changes in local environments.

Do you have any internship opportunities for students?

Yes we accept part-time or full-time interns spring, fall or summer semesters. If you’re interested, stop by and visit during the Volunteer & Service Fair or use our website to reach out to us.

What do you appreciate about MSUM?

We appreciate the willingness of MSUM staff, faculty and students to be involved in community efforts and provide valuable learning experiences for students through hands-on opportunities with local organizations. For example, the MSUM student-run ad agency Flypaper has produced several meaningful projects for CassClayAlive! that have greatly enhanced our work in the community.

Is there anything else we should know about your organization?

A fun fact – at Dakota Medical Foundation, CassClayAlive! leads daily movement breaks for staff to encourage physical activity throughout the day as it enhances brain activity and productivity. Maybe it’s something you can try in your own life!

Noah’s Positive Attitude is Much Appreciated!


It’s been two weeks since classes started and when Noah started to work for Event Services, and right now he seems like a natural. Noah comes to work eager and with a positive attitude during his shift and his charisma and motivation is reflected to everyone he sees. He takes his work very seriously and he has the skills to do great things this semester and beyond not just for the Student Union and Activities, but as a campus as a whole. Keep up the good work!

-Kyle S.

Dragon Entertainment Group – Keep Being You

Dragon Entertainment Group-

The Group members are the best! Always willing to help out after events with a positive attitude, and the occasional karaoke or dance off. They make my job more fun than it probably should be. Keep being you.

-Jake S., Building Manager

Highlighting Dorothy Day House of Hospitality for Dragon Volunteers

In the days leading up to the Volunteer & Service Fair (on Feb. 3 from 11am-2pm in the CMU Ballroom), we will be highlighting organizations in the Moorhead-Fargo community that you can meet during the fair.

Dorothy Day House of Hospitality

How does your organization serve our community?

The Fargo-Moorhead Dorothy Day House of Hospitality has emergency shelter and food pantry programs that provide basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter to people in our community.

How can students best serve with your organization?

We currently have three Shelter Advocate positions open, and students have often filled these positions. In addition, students can volunteer, intern, and help with special projects.

Are there particular skillsets that you are looking for in your volunteers?

We welcome volunteers with a variety of skillsets. If you have something specific you’re looking for, let us know!

What specific volunteer opportunities does your organization have for MSUM students?

The two opportunities that we have year-round are: 1.) volunteer at our food pantry, including helping with food distribution and sorting/stocking food, and 2.) planning and preparing a family-style meal for the 13 men that stay at our emergency shelter. Other project related opportunities are available and can be tailored to the student’s field of interest. 

The Dorothy Day House of Hospitality is even within walking distance of MSUM!

Do you have any internship opportunities for students?

Yes, we tailor internships to the strengths of the student and needs of our organization.

What do you appreciate about MSUM?

We appreciate the flexibility and enthusiasm of the students that we have worked with. It is also great that MSUM partners with local nonprofits to give students real life experience and help nonprofits at the same time.

Learn even more about the Dorothy Day House of Hospitality from their website.

Incoming! Here Come the Bids

Our student union renovation project continues to move forward – granted, it’s been a slow moving forward since our architect visit in December as we have been waiting to receive bids from contractors for the project. This Friday is an important day in the life of the project because early bid packages from contractors are due to us that afternoon.

You might be thinking, “So exactly what does that mean?”

The early bid packages include the work to be done related to the mechanical systems, electrical work, masonry (brick and stone), the new elevator, and what is called glazing, which basically means the glass wall. The work included in the early bid packages is a large portion of the project cost, so the bid packages we receive are an early indicator to us if we are within our targeted budget. Other components of the project will be bid at a later date.

We are also in final preparations for the revenue bond sale, which is estimated to take place in late February or early March. The bond sale will provide $4.5 million for the project and is essentially like a mortgage.

Also on Friday, we are beginning the planning process for temporary relocation of some offices during the renovation. The CMU Project Kick-Off Meeting will be the start of that conversation – nothing is moving yet, we just know we need to create a plan so that when May comes demolition and construction can begin without delay. With a plan to address the complexities of a timeline for moving to and occupying temporary locations, we are confident that we can maintain a high level of service and operation to our Dragons.

We are excited for the next steps in our renovation process and we can’t wait for May 4 to arrive!

An artist’s rendering of views of the new addition. Top picture is looking at the addition as if you were standing near the North Library Doors. The bottom pictures is looking at the addition as if you were approaching the Kise Doors.

Jordan’s Customer Service Skills are Excellent on Day 1

Jordan H.

On Jordan’s first day at the Info Desk, she handled questions like an old pro and even got to do faxing on her first day. When the people receiving the fax were having trouble, she took it upon herself to call the office and help the student find an alternative way to send his information. Cheers to Jordan for outstanding customer service and problem solving!